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TeamViewer Portable is a portable version of Remote Desktop Access and Control software that gives you access to any computer of your friends or acquaintances at any distance to help them do some work, using Teamviewer Portable, you can transfer data between computers quickly.

TeamViewer Portable allows you to drag and drop files into the remote control window to send to others, displaying multiple screens simultaneously for multiple tasks.Each shared computer will have its own settings and you can save these settings for the next time.

TeamViewer is one of the best, most used remote desktop client software out there. TeamViewer Portable is designed to make it easy for PC users to connect their computers together, making data management on computers simple. Especially with this application, users can easily transfer data between computers quickly.

The advantage of the Portable version compared to the TeamViewer installation on your PC is that you can copy to USB for use anywhere and anytime.

TeamViewer Portable is capable of capturing images and video recordings at fast speed and easy control mode. Videos recorded in AVI format are allowed to be converted by the converter and edited according to the user's wishes.

Despite being a shortened version of the version of TeamViewer, however version of TeamViewer Portable carries the full features of the main version, even many people still prefer to download TeamViewer Portable and use this version, because it is not installed, lightweight, and does not suffer from time-limited usage.

Main Features of TeamViewer Portable:

  • Mobile version without TeamViewer installation.

  • Display multiple screens at once, drag and drop files to share.

  • Record video, take screenshots.

  • TeamViewer table can be adjusted.

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    v 12.0.88438

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